Kimberly Farm

(860) 354-1839
415 Chestnut Land Road


Year-round farm stand with vegetables, meats, dairy products, baked goods and ice cream. Howard Kimberly established the Kimberly Farm in 1955. John Kimberly and his family run now the third generation farm. A very popular attraction to the farm is, our retail stand. At the stand, we offer a large variety of vegetables and dairy products. We continue to grow our product line often. Currently we offer different flavors of milk such as plain, chocolate and strawberry (seasonal). We also offer different flavors of yogurt including plain, drinkable vanilla and drinkable strawberry (seasonal). Along with our long list of vegetable products our dairy products our very popular in our community. We expanded our customer base by traveling to farmers markets as well as different CSA programs in the surrounding areas. We also have our products in a number of grocery stores and delis in New Milford and surrounding towns. We foresee a great amount of growth in the near future.
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