2024 Ice Cream Crawl: July 1-Aug. 25



o Purchase ice cream from each of the participating establishments any time from July 1-Aug. 25 – and keep all receipts. o Each individual who wants to receive a T-shirt must take a selfie with their ice cream in front of the Ice Cream Crawl sign (or with staff) at 5 of the 8 participating establishments and then post it in the comments under the pinned Ice Cream Crawl post on the NewMilfordNow Facebook page beginning July 1, 2024. Tag the business. o When each individual who wants to receive a T-shirt has had ice cream at 5 of the 8 participating businesses and they have posted their selfies on the NewMilfordNow Facebook page, they must bring their receipts (showing ice cream purchases only) to the Mayor’s Office at Roger Sherman Town Hall, 10 Main St., Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to receive their New Milford Ice Cream Crawl T-shirt. Participating businesses: • All Aboard Pizzeria Ice Cream Parlor • Carvel • Ferris Ice Cream at Villarina's Pasta Shop • Grassroots Ice Cream • Kimberly Farm • Sonic • Tasty Waves • Dairy Queen (opening in July)
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